Your guide to standing out this holiday season

As you probably already know, marketing not only helps drive sales but also builds relationships with your customers, improves the reputation of your business and can even foster growth. 

That’s never truer than in the holiday months at the end of the year. During this busy holiday season, consumers are primed and ready to spend, making them more receptive to your offers and promotions. The holidays also give you a chance to connect with customers on an emotional level. Marketing that taps into the joys and even the stresses of the season is bound to resonate with your customers. 

It may seem like nearly every business around you goes into overdrive with their holiday marketing, not just with email but across every channel. But there’s no reason your business can’t get a piece of the (pumpkin) pie. 

Our partner Deluxe has released a free eBook, Holiday Marketing Fundamentals, to help you stay on track during the chaotic holiday season. Follow key holiday marketing elements step-by-step, or skip ahead to the sections you need the most assistance with.

The holiday insights and guidance you’re looking for

  • Learn how to create your holiday marketing plan
  • See the benefits of updating your brand
  • Making sure your website is ready for the holidays
  • Tips for getting found online
  • How to send effective holiday emails
  • Using social media to spread cheer that drives sales
  • Incorporating print marketing

Download Holiday Marketing Fundamentals for free today.

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