Your Ultimate SEO Audit Checklist [EBOOK]

If you want the Ultimate SEO Audit Checklist, you’ve come to the right place.

Did you know that Google has approximately 200 ranking factors?

For SEO professionals, Google has always maintained that chasing after the algorithm has a minimum effect and does not provide much – if any – return for most ranking factors.

Of course, they don’t want everybody gaming the system!

This SEO audit checklist provides checkpoints in your auditing process that will help you better improve certain areas of your site as they relate to these ranking factors.

Please note: This list is not intended to be the official list of ranking factors from Google. It is intended to pool together all potential SEO audit items that you may want to investigate if it’s an existing site.

Has the site fallen under penalty?

If it has, this checklist will give you the tools and checks you need to get the site working again.

If it has not, this checklist will help you identify where your site’s weakest links are (no pun intended).

Other articles and graphics have talked about the 200 factors, but do you have methods and points of investigation to check?

The goal of this checklist is to give you all of the applicable methods of checking and points of investigation to help take the hard work out of identifying each ranking factor.

The bulk of each investigation factor is provided in the form of Screaming Frog audit checks or using another audit tool or technique, with some paraphrased background information, also mentioned fully with a thorough walk-through of what you should check within each section.

If you are looking for a comprehensive checklist of SEO audit items, it’s here.

Get Your Ultimate SEO Audit Checklist Now!

In partnership with Higher Visibility and Podium, we created The Ultimate SEO Audit  Checklist to eliminate the guesswork from SEO audits and help SEO pros tackle the task methodically.

Download it here.

We’ve arranged the ebook according to the main SEO items you’ll want to investigate:

  • Chapter 1: Domain Factors
  • Chapter 2: Page-Level Factors
  • Chapter 3: User Experience Factors
  • Chapter 4: Content Length
  • Chapter 5: Duplicate Content
  • Chapter 6: Website Content Factors
  • Chapter 7: Website Updates
  • Chapter 8: Link Profile Audit
  • Chapter 9: On-Site Technical SEO Factors
  • Chapter 10: Google My Business Audit

Download The Ultimate SEO Audit Checklist Now!

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